The Richard Kelley Group is responsive to your calls. Direct contact is always available. We know how important it is for you to be able to speak to your agent. We take it very seriously that someone from the group is available 7 days a week.


The Richard Kelley Group listens to your hopes, your dreams and your needs so we can find you the perfect property. As your agent, The Richard Kelly Group will work throughout the process to manage your expectations, so we set realistic goals. It is during the initial conversations with our clients that we obtain a picture of exactly what you are looking for in a new property and we tailor property selections around these specific criteria.


The Richard Kelley Group has over 50 combined years of real estate experience in the North Georgia and Western North Carolina Market. We know market value. This knowledge is critical in the negotiating process because we are working to achieve your financial goals in buying a new property.


Throughout the inspection process we are present and working to ensure your interests are protected. We work tirelessly to address any concerns during the contract process to ensure everything is taken care of, so you have confidence when buying your new property. It is during this period when our experience and knowledge is invaluable to our clients.




The Richard Kelley Group strives to keep our clients actively involved in all aspects of the selling process. We provide regular showing feedback, keep you up to date on any market changes and ensure your home is always ready for the best showing. We are available 7 days a week so that you and your property feel taken care of at all times.


We listen to your financials needs and goals so we can develop a marketing strategy unique to you and your property. It is important that your property is priced according to your financial needs and timeframes.

The Richard Kelley Group develops a marketing strategy according to your specific property, financials goals and timelines. It is important that we work with you and for you to achieve these goals. We utilize a broad array of marketing platforms with an increased focus on social media and the web. We maintain an extensive referral network built over the past 20 years; with past and present clients always looking for property. These strategies work to ensure your home has the best possibility of being sold.


This is when the real work starts. We guide you through the negotiating and inspection process, so you are confident throughout this period. We want you to be informed of where your contract stands and how it is progressing toward the ultimate closing date.



  1. Richard Kelley knows the area very well. He's lived here for decades and knows the right people and businesses to get whatever needs to be done correctly and quickly. He's always very quick to respond to phone calls and messages. We were very pleased with his negotiation skills to get an offer  turned into a contract turned into a closing in just a few weeks.

  2. I was extremely happy with Richard Kelley....he went above and beyond my past experiences with realtors. I highly recommend him, if you're looking for a realtor who gets right back to you when you have questions or problems, he's the man you need to contact.

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